Philip IV of Spain

Philip IV of Spain (April 1605 – September 1665) was King of Spain (as Philip IV in Castille and Philip III in Aragon) and Portugal as Philip III (Portuguese: Filipe III). He ascended the thrones in 1621 and reigned in Spain until his death and in Portugal until 1640.

Philip is remembered for his patronage of the arts, including such artists as Diego Velázquez, and his rule over Spain during the challenging period of the Thirty Years’ War.  On the eve of his death in 1665, the Spanish Empire had reached 12.2 million square kilometres (4.7×106 sq mi) in area but in other respects was in decline, a process to which Philip’s inability to achieve successful domestic and military reform is felt to have contributed.


Father: Philip III of Spain
Mother: Margaret of Austria
Spouses: Elisabeth of France, Mariana of Austria

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