Johan van Oldenbarnevelt

Referred to by Evelyn as “the unhappy Barneveldt” Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, Lord of Berkel en Rodenrijs (1600), Gunterstein (1611) and Bakkum (1613) (14 September 1547 – 13 May 1619) was a Dutch statesman who played an important role in the Dutch struggle for independence from Spain.

He was arrested at the same time as Hugo Grotius – but was sentenced to death rather than life imprisonment.  His last words to the executioner were purportedly: “Make it short, make it short.”

Described in a footnote of Austin Dobson as “Barneveldt: Johan van Olden Barneveldt, 1547-1619, a Dutch statesman and Arminian, beheaded by the States-General at the Hague, 14th May, 1619. ”

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