and, on the 12th of August, I embarked on the “Waal,” in company with three grave divines, who entertained us a great part of our passage with a long dispute concerning the lawfulness of church-music.

We now sailed by Teil, where we landed some of our freight; and about five o’clock we touched at a pretty town named Bommell, that had divers English in garrison. It stands upon Contribution-land, which subjects the environs to the Spanish incursions. We sailed also by an exceeding strong fort called Lovestein, famous for the escape of the learned Hugo Grotius, who, being in durance as a capital offender, as was the unhappy Barneveldt, by the stratagem of his lady, was conveyed in a trunk supposed to be filled with books only. We lay at Gorcum, a very strong and considerable frontier.

Castle Loevestein (Slot Loevestein in Dutch)