The next day, we lay at Périgueux ((This does not make sense – Périgueux is at least 600km away from the previous day’s town and it seems that Evelyn was on his way to Cannes, which according to the diary he reached the following day.  It seems unlikely that Evelyn would have been able to do this – perhaps more likely that this entry is placed in the wrong date -GS)) , a city built on an old foundation; witness the ruins of a most stately amphitheatre, which I went out to design, being about a flight-shot from the town; they call it now the Rolsies. There is also a strong tower near the town, called the Visone ((From Vesuna, its old Roman name. –AD)), but the town and city are at some distance from each other. It is a bishopric; has a cathedral with divers noblemen’s houses in sight of the sea. The place was formerly called Forum Julij, well known by antiquaries.

“L’église St Front à Périgueux. Dordogne” by Nicolas-Marie-Joseph Chapuy.18th century. (St Front replaced the original cathedral Saint-Étienne de la Cité)

10th October, 1644. We proceeded by the ruins of a stately aqueduct ((There is a large aqueduct within the town -GS)). The soil about the country is rocky, full of pines and rare simples.