Huis ter Nieuwburg or Huis ter Nieuburch (“House at New Borough”) was a palace in Rijswijk, Holland, Dutch Republic. The symmetrical French Classicist building was probably designed by the French architect Jacques de la Vallée and was built between 1633 and 1636 for stadtholder Prince Frederick Henry.  The palace with gardens was the country house of the Princes of Orange for years, and it was used for the peace negotiations resulting in the Treaty of Rijswijk in 1697. After the death of Prince William III in 1702, the palace was inherited by the Kings of Prussia, until it was given back to the Princes of Orange by King Frederick II.

Today, the only reminders of the palace are two of the ponds and an obelisk commemorating the peace treaty.

Huis ter Nieuwburg (Ryswyk palace)


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