Sir Henry de VIc

Sir Henry de Vic (c. 1599 – 20 November 1671) was a Guernsey born courtier. He was born the son of John de Vic of Guernsey and educated at Westminster School and Christ Church, Oxford, where he was awarded BA in 1619. He lived in Brussels for 20 years where he was the representative of Charles II. Whilst there he had a romantic affair with Lucy Walter, the past mistress of Charles II.  He was created a baronet in 1649. In 1660 he was appointed Secretary for the French Tongue and Chancellor of the Order of the Garter and in 1662 became controller of the household to the Duke of York.  The same year he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Austin Dobson had this to say about Sir Henry in a footnote from the entry dated Tuesday 8 October 1641:

“For twenty years resident at Brussels for Charles II. ; also Chancellor of the Order of the Garter; and in 1662 appointed Comptroller of the Household of the Duke of York. He died in 1672. He had long been in the English Service, and was with Buckingham at Rochelle, concerning which affair there are several letters from him to Lord Conway in Hardwicke’s Collection of State Papers. His only daughter, Anna Charlotta, married John Lord Frescheville, Baron of Staveley, in Derbyshire.”

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