Self-portrait by Paolo-Veronese. Created between 1558 and 1563.

Paolo Caliari, known as Paolo Veronese (1528 – 1588) was an Italian Renaissance painter based in Venice, most famous for large history paintings of both religious and mythological subjects, such as The Wedding at Cana and The Feast in the House of Levi. With Titian, who was at least a generation older, and Tintoretto, ten years older, he was one of the “great trio that dominated Venetian painting of the cinquecento” or 16th-century late Renaissance. Veronese is known as a supreme colourist, and after an early period with Mannerist influence turned to a more naturalist style influenced by Titian.

John Evelyn refers to several works of Veronese including:

  • the Coronation of the Virgin
  • the Martyrdom of St. Justina
  • the Martyrdom of St. Catherine

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