“Portrait of Paolo Giovio” artist unknown. Source: Wikipedia.

Paolo Giovio ( Latin: Paulus Jovius; April 1483 – December 1552) was an Italian physician, historian, biographer, and prelate.

“Paolo Giovio was one of the most influential, admired and envied intellectuals in the early sixteenth century. Closely related to Cardinal Giulio de’ Medici, i.e. Pope Clement VII from 1523, and then to Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, he directly experienced politics and power at the highest levels (but also suffered the crisis of the Sack of Rome and its aftermath). His fame is mainly linked to the activity as historian, which resulted in the two volumes of Historiae (Histories) to which he worked for most of his life. But it is also linked to its legendary villa on Como Lake, where he set up a private museum, with paintings by great artists, and where it housed the most important people of the time, from Charles V down.”  — Souce: Portraits of Illustrious Men, Edited by Franco Minonzio

John Evelyn briefly mentions this private museum in the entry from Sunday 23 October 1644.


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