Gerrit Adriaensz. Berckheyde. “The Great Market in Haarlem” (1696)

The Grote Kerk or St.-Bavokerk is a Protestant church and former Catholic cathedral located on the central market square in the Dutch city of Haarlem.

Legend of the bells

Evelyn refers to the local legend known as the Wapenvermeerdering, or “Legend of the Haarlem shield”,  that the two upper bells in the tower were taken from Damiette (Damiate in Dutch) during the Fifth Crusade by Haarlem knights and were placed in the tower. In reality, they were a gift by Johannes Dircks, a bell-maker from Aalst to Nicolaas van Nieuwland, the bishop of Haarlem, in 1562. Since then the two bells were rung every evening between 21:00 and 21:30 o’clock, to signal the closing of the city gates for the night. In 1732 the bells were restored, and two new upper bells were installed, created by Jan Albert de Grave. Since Haarlem was no longer a vesting stad or walled city, the tradition of the bells continued, to commemorate the conquest of Damiette on August 25, 1219. (Wikipedia)


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