The Priory of Saint-Cosme or Ronsard Priory is a priory of the 11th  century dedicated to Saint Cosme built on a former island of the Loire near Tours in Touraine. The poet Pierre de Ronsard lived there his last twenty years from 1565 to 1585.

Described by John Evelyn during his visit as:

“… we stepped into a Convent of Franciscans, called St. Cosmo, where the cloister is painted with the miracles of their St. Francis à Paula, whose ashes lie in their chapel, with this inscription: “Corpus Sancti Fran. à Paula 1507, 13 Aprilis, concrematur verò ab Hæreticis anno 1562, cujus quidem ossa et cineres hìc jacent.” The tomb has four small pyramids of marble at each corner.”


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