A convent in Paris. By the early 19th century, the convent was demolished to make room for the Trocadero gardens.

Veue des minimes de Challiot du Coste de passy : by Albert Flamen. 1664. (Convent of Bon Hommes ) Source:

Noted by Austin Dobson:

“A convent (see post, under 23rd February, 1651). This order of hermits appeared in France about 1257; in England about 1283. The name bon homme is said to have been given by Louis VI.”

Noted by John Evelyn in an entry from 23

“I went to see the Bonnes Hommes, a convent that has a fair cloister painted with the lives of hermits; a glorious altar now erecting in the chapel; the garden on the rock with divers descents, with a fine vineyard, and a delicate prospect toward the city.”


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