A hilly region near Vienne, France.

From: A handbook for travellers in France


On the slopes of Mont Pipet the remains of the seats of a Roman theatre may, it is said, be traced among the vineyards, but they are very inconsiderable. Lastly, outside the town, below it, is the Roman obelisk, or Aiguille, described [as]….  Immediately below Vienne, in the midst of a field, on the rt. of the road to Avignon, stands a Roman obelisk, called L”Aiguille, 76 ft. high, including its square base, pierced by a double arch, and supported at the angles by pillars of clumsy proportions. The whole is of excellent masonry, the stones being fastened together, not by mortar, but by iron clamps. Its destination is unknown, and it bears no trace of an inscription, but was probably a sepulchral monument.


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