Hospice Quinze-Vingts was founded in 1260 by St. Louis (Louis de France). It was then located on rue Saint-Honoré at the corner of the Rue Saint-Nicaise, on a piece of land called “Champourri”.

“ Vue perspective de la principale Entrée de l’Hospice des 15-20” by J.-B Mitoyen. 1807. Source: BnF

The french name Quinze-Vingts means three hundred (literally fifteen times twenty) and referred to the number of beds in the hospital at that time. Hospice became a place of respite for the blind people of Paris.

Some historians believe that Kind Louis of France was motivated to create the hospice due to his experience during the seventh crusade, when many of the Crusaders lost their vision and were returning home blind as they were “afflicted by the burning plains of Egypt and Syria.” – see sources.


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