The Cathedral of Our Lady is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Antwerp.  Evelyn refers to the Cathedral as the “Vroù Kirk” (from the Dutch Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal – Cathedral of Our Lady), or the Nôtre Dame of Antwerp.

In the 1827 edition of the Diary, i. 42-43, the entry descriptive of the tower of Antwerp Cathedral is thus given:-

“It is a very venerable fabriq, built after the Gotick manner ; the tower is of an excessive height. This I ascended that I might the better take a view of the country about it, which happening on a day when the sun shonn exceedingly hot, and darted the rayes without any interruption, afforded so bright a reflection to us who were above, and had a full prospect of both land and water about it, that I was much confirmed in my opinion of the moon’s being of some such substance as this earthly globe consists of; perceiving all the subjacent country, at so small an horizontal distance, to repercuss such a light as I could hardly look against, save where the river, and other large water within our view, appeared of a more dark and uni forme colour, resembling those spotts in the moone supposed to be seas there, according to oar new philosophy, and viewed by optical glasses.I numbered in this church 30 privileged altars, whereof that of St. Sebastian’s was rarely painted.”

– Occasional sentences of the preceding matter are entirely new. (Footnote by Austin Dobson)


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