Detail of Francesco Salviati from “Le vite de’ piv eccellenti pittori, scvltori, e architettori” by Giorgio Vasari. 1568

Francesco de’ Rossi (1510–1563) was a Florentine Mannerist painter who lived and worked mainly in Florence, but also produced several works in Rome. He is known by many names, prominently the adopted name Francesco Salviati or as Il Salviati, but also Francesco Rossi and Cecchino del Salviati.



He was responsible for several works that Evelyn may have viewed – including working for Cosimo I de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, where he completed a fresco decoration eulogizing the Medici family (Triumph of Camillus in the Sala dell’Udienza of the Palazzo Vecchio, 1543–45).



He painted a Deposition altarpiece for Santa Croce in 1547-48. This theme, one which became a master oeuvre topic for Late-Renaissance artists, is handled in a crowded complex fashion. His work in the Palazzo Farnese was mentioned by John Evelyn:

“We went out on a terrace, where was a pretty garden on the leads, for it is built in a place that has no extent of ground backward. The great hall is wrought by Salviati and Zuccharo”

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