Evelyn refers twice to an artist called ‘Palma’.  This could either be:

  • Palma Vecchio:  Palma il Vecchio (c. 1480 – 1528), born Jacopo Palma or known as Jacopo Negretti, was an Italian painter of the Venetian school born at Serina Alta near Bergamo. He is called Palma Vecchio in English (“Old Palma” in Italian Palma il Vecchio) to distinguish him from Palma Giovane, his great-nephew.
  • Palma il Giovane: Iacopo Nigreti (1548/50 – 1628), best known as Jacopo Palma il Giovane or simply Palma Giovane (“Young Palma”),was an Italian Mannerist painter from Venice. After Tintoretto’s death (1594), Palma became Venice’s dominant artist perpetuating his style. Outside Venice, he received numerous commissions in the area of Bergamo, then part of the Venetian Domini di Terraferma, and in Central Europe, most prominently from the connoisseur emperor Rudolph II in Prague.

Given the age of the other paintings mentioned by Evelyn, I would think it more likely that Evelyn is referring to Palma il Vecchio.


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