Hence, the next morning we swam (for the river here is so rapid that the boat was only steered) to a small village called Tain, where we dined. Over against this is another town, named Tournon, where is a very strong castle under a high precipice. To the castle joins the Jesuits’ College, who have a fair library (( Founded by the favourite of Francis I., the Cardinal de Tournon, in 1542. It was later an Ecole Militaire. –AD)). The prospect was so tempting, that I could not forbear designing it with my crayon.

“Château de Tournon. Bords du Rhône” by
Théodore Caruelle d’Aligny, 19th Century. Source: BnF

We then came to Valence, a capital city carrying the title of a Duchy; but the Bishop is now sole Lord temporal of it, and the country about it. The town having a University famous for the study of the civil law, is much frequented; but the churches are none of the fairest, having been greatly defaced in the time of the wars. The streets are full of pretty fountains. The citadel is strong and garrisoned. Here we passed the night, and… [continues next day]

“Vue de la ville de valence…” by Olivier Le May. Circa 17..