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Month: August 1644

Thursday 18 August 1644

The Queen of England1 came to Tours, having newly arrived in France, and going for Paris. She was very nobly received by the people and clergy, who went to meet her with the trained bands. After the harangue, the Archbishop entertained her at his Palace, where I paid my duty to her. The 20th she set forward to Paris.


  1. She had left Exeter shortly after the birth (16th June) of her youngest child, the Princess Henrietta, or Henriette-Anne, afterwards Duchess of Orleans. Contriving to elude the Parliamentary forces, she had embarked on the 14th July for France in a Dutch vessel, landing near Brest on the 16th. The infant princess remained at Exeter in the charge of Lady Dalkeith. -AD 

Tuesday 2 August 1644

the next day I was to appear in Court, where both our avocets1 pleaded before the Lieutenant Civil; but it was so unreasonable a pretense, that the Judge had not patience to hear it out. The Judge immediately acquitted me, after he had reproached the avocat who took part with my servant, he rose from the Bench, and making a courteous excuse to me, that being a stranger I should be so used, he conducted me through the court to the street-door. This varlet afterward threatened to pistol me. The next day, I waited on the Lieutenant, to thank him for his great civility.

  1. Lawyer -GS 

Monday 1 August 1644

My valet, one Garro, a Spaniard, born in Biscay1, having misbehaved, I was forced to discharge him; he demanded of me (besides his wages) no less than 100 crowns to carry him to his country; refusing to pay it, as no part of our agreement, he had the impudence to arrest me;

  1. Biscay -GS