The diary of John Evelyn

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Month: November 1641

Monday 25 November 1641

and, on the 25th, saw his Majesty ride through the City after his coming out of Scotland, and a Peace proclaimed, with great acclamations and joy of the giddy people.

Saturday 23 November 1641

I returned to London;

Sunday 15 December 1641

I was elected one of the Comptrollers of the Middle Temple revellers, as the fashion of the young students and gentlemen was, the Christmas being kept this year with great solemnity; but, being desirous to pass it in the country, I got leave to resign my staff of office, and went with my brother Richard to Wotton.

Thursday 7 November 1641

After receiving the Sacrament at Wotton church, I visited my Lord Marshal at Albury.

“Albury (State 2)”- by Wenceslaus Hollar (circa 1645)