But, on the 27th, we, impatient of the time and inhospitableness of the place, sailed again with a contrary and impetuous wind and a terrible sea, in great jeopardy; for we had much ado to keep ourselves above water, the billows breaking desperately on our vessel: we were driven into Williamstadt, a place garrisoned by the English, where the governor had a fair house. The works, and especially the counterscarp, are curiously hedged with quick, and planted with a stately row of limes on the rampart. The church is of a round structure1, with a cupola2  , and the town belongs entirely to the Prince of Orange, as does that of Breda, and some other places.

“Willemstadt”, Joan Blaeu, (1649)

  1. Almost certainly the Koepelkerk or “rounded church” -GS 

  2. A cupola is a small, most often dome-like, structure on top of a building -GS