But, on the 27th, we, impatient of the time and inhospitableness of the place, sailed again with a contrary and impetuous wind and a terrible sea, in great jeopardy; for we had much ado to keep ourselves above water, the billows breaking desperately on our vessel: we were driven into Williamstadt, a place garrisoned by the English, where the governor had a fair house. The works, and especially the counterscarp, are curiously hedged with quick, and planted with a stately row of limes on the rampart. The church is of a round structure ((Almost certainly the Koepelkerk or “rounded church” -GS)), with a cupola ((A cupola is a small, most often dome-like, structure on top of a building -GS))  , and the town belongs entirely to the Prince of Orange, as does that of Breda, and some other places.

“Willemstadt”, Joan Blaeu, (1649)