I was permitted to walk the round and view the works, and to visit a convent of religious women of the order of St. Clara1 (who by the capitulation were allowed to enjoy their monastery and maintenance undisturbed, at the surrender of the town twelve years since), where we had a collation and very civil entertainment. They had a neat chapel, in which the heart of the Duke of Cleves2 their founder, lies inhumed under a plate of brass. Within the cloister is a garden, and in the middle of it an overgrown lime tree, out of whose stem, near the root, issue five upright and exceeding tall suckers, or bolls, the like whereof for evenness and height I had not observed.

The chief church of this city is curiously carved within and without, furnished with a pair of organs, and a most magnificent font of copper.

Baptismal copper font by Aert van Tricht

  1. Order of the Poor Clares perhaps- GS 

  2. Arnold, Duke of Guelders, had his heart buried within a silver casket in the choir of the St Gertrude’s convent in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.  He was married to Catherine of Cleves, daughter of Adolph IV, Duke of Cleves – perhaps he is the Duke mentioned. Source: In the Shadow of Burgundy: The Court of Guelders in the Late Middle Ages by Gerard Nijsten p281 -GS