The next day at noon, we landed at Flushing.

Being desirous to overtake the Leagure (([Siege. See post, under 17th December, 1684.] – AD)), which was then before Genep ((On the Niers, in the province of Limburg— a place which, having been greatly strengthened by the Cardinal Infante D. Ferdinando, in 1635, was at this time besieged by the French and Dutch. –  AH)), ere the summer should be too far spent, we went this evening from Flushing to Middleburg, another fine town in this island ((i.e. the island of Walcheren.  – AH)), to De Vere, whence the most ancient and illustrious Earls of Oxford derive their family, who have spent so much blood in assisting the state during their wars. From De Vere we passed over many towns, houses, and ruins of demolished suburbs, etc., which have formerly been swallowed up by the sea; at what time no less than eight of those islands had been irrecoverably lost.