I went to London to see the solemnity of his Majesty’s riding through the city in state to the Short Parliament, which began the 13th following,—a very glorious and magnificent sight, the King circled with his royal diadem and the affections of his people ((This is instance of “syllepsis” is rather rare in Evelyn. – AD.  This literary term also know as Zeugma (from the Greek “yoking” or “bonding”): Artfully using a single verb to refer to two different objects in an ungrammatical but striking way.  – GS )) : but the day after I returned to Wotton again, where I stayed, my father’s indisposition suffering great intervals, till April 27th, when I was sent to London to be first resident at the Middle Temple: so as my being at the University, in regard of these avocations, was of very small benefit to me.