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Year: 1639

Saturday 14 December 1639

According to injunctions from the Heads of Colleges, I went (among the rest) to the Confirmation at St. Mary’s, where, after sermon, the Bishop of Oxford laid his hands upon us, with the usual form of benediction prescribed: but this received (I fear) for the more part out of curiosity, rather than with that due preparation and advice which had been requisite, could not be so effectual as otherwise that admirable and useful institution might have been, and as I have since deplored it.

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Tuesday 8th October 1639

I went back to Oxford.

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Monday 20 May 1639

Accompanied with one Mr. J. Crafford1 (who afterward being my fellow-traveler in Italy, there changed his religion), I took a journey of pleasure to see the Somersetshire baths, Bristol, Cirencester, Malmesbury, Abington, and divers other towns of lesser note; and returned the 25th.

  1. He is not mentioned again in the diary.  (Austin Dobson footnote)  

Monday 14 January 1639

Came back to Oxford, after my tedious indisposition, and to the infinite loss of my time; and now I began to look upon the rudiments of music, in which I afterward arrived to some formal knowledge, though to small perfection of hand, because I was so frequently diverted with inclinations to newer trifles.

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