[continues from previous entry] About the beginning of September, I was so afflicted with a quartan ague ((Fever which reoccurred every fourth day, probably influenza.)), that I could by no means get rid of it till the December following. This was the fatal year wherein the rebellious Scots opposed the King, upon the pretense of the introduction of some new ceremonies and the Book of Common Prayer ((The Liturgy or “The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and other parts of Divine Service for the use of the Church of Scotland” was published at Edinburgh in 1637. This, together with the Canons published in 1636, aimed at introducing the high church.  All elements of society rebelled against this and together signed the “National Covenant,” which supported a reformed religion of Scotland, and rejected other religions. Later in 1639, Episcopacy and the prayer-book were banned in Scotland.)), and madly began our confusions, and their own destruction, too, as it proved in event ((as it proved in the event: This passage appears first in the edition of 1850; but Evelyn saw reason afterwards somewhat to change his tone. See post, under 4th February, 1685 [Not yet published in on this website]. – Footnote by Austin Dobson )).