My eldest sister was married to Edward Darcy, Esq., who little deserved so excellent person, a woman of so rare virtue. I was not present at the nuptials; but I was soon afterward sent for into Surrey, and my father would willingly have weaned me from my fondness of my too indulgent grandmother ((Probably Joan Evelyn – GS)), intending to have placed me at Eton; but, not being so provident for my own benefit, and unreasonably terrified with the report of the severe discipline there, I was sent back to Lewes; which perverseness of mine I have since a thousand times deplored.

This was the first time that ever my parents had seen all their children together in prosperity.

While I was now trifling at home, I saw London, where I lay one night only. The next day, I dined at Beddington, where I was much delighted with the gardens and curiosities. Thence, we returned to the Lady Darcy’s, at Sutton; thence to Wotton; and, on the 16th of August following, 1633, back to Lewes.


Lambeth Female Orphan Asylum (formerly Beddington Park): view of the grounds. Etching by Flemming after T. Allom.